In order to be safe, some plants are growing their roots above the ground so they can cling on stones and trees. Others are growing in environments where there is not much water in the soil so these may grow such roots to breath air. Some plants use the aerial roots in order to propagate – they drop off at some point and develop into new plants.


Never before was so reliable for students to go and study abroad. Within the prospect of globalization, a new migration “breed” was created- the international and/or the exchange student.


When talking about any type of migration, there is a tendency to see the incomers as uprooted beings. In fact, the process of leaving home does not mean leaving one’s self anywhere but bringing it to a new climate in which it is being absorbed and it is forced to grow ten times faster. Studying abroad helps students to bring their roots above the ground.


Aerial Roots is a collaborative photography project that gathers international students from different parts of the world. Each student is asked to deliver a selfie together with a photograph of his/her bed and the bedroom window.