Popularly regarded as a shallow expression of online narcissism, the selfie is both adored and reviled; yet it flourishes as one of the most effective outlets for self-definition.

#mirrorselfie is an ongoing photography project started in 2016 that examines the power of self-representation in the contemporary visual culture with a specific interest in the psychological aspects of self-imaging strategies. Ubiquitous on social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Instagram, the selfie phenomenon has become a powerful means for self-expression, encouraging its makers to share the most intimate and private moments of their lives – as well as engage in a form of creative self-fashioning.

What is the missing information of the transparent world that one chooses to share with the audience? What other aspects of human behaviour can be revealed through the practice of self-representation? Is it possible to use the selfie as a psychological mechanism?