• Luiza Preda

I CAN'T SEE Exhibition - Behind the scenes

It was winter. The Museum of Art in Cluj-Napoca was the host of my first solo exhibition. I started constructing the labyrinth at 9:00 in the morning and I was finishing every night at 22:00. It took us (2 people) 8 days. Everything was ready 15 min before the opening. Instead of being all dressed-up and with my make-up on, I was full of dust with one ear bleeding.

Around 100 people came.

And I was completely exhausted

but happy.

Because in the end

I made it all for them.

60 meter labyrinth - RECIPE

120 meters of black fabric

180 pieces plasterboard profile ( 4 m each)

200 tiny wooden cubes

2 boxes of screws (100 pcs each)

2 drills

2 scissors for metal cutting

and a lot of thinking

and re-thinking.