• Luiza Preda

Time Travelling to Jardin Public

When I was living in Bordeaux, France, I enjoyed being a loner. The weather was mild and warm that time. After finishing my courses, I was usually taking my camera and go wandering around. I also had a favourite place to go.

River Selfie / 18.10.2016

There, people were laying on the grass facing the sun or drinking wine and children were running after big flocks of ducks. The swans didn't care. They were slowly moving along the river like lovers. The wind was blowing slowly while I was witnessing everything around me as an already passing memory.

Place: Jardin Public, Bordeaux, France

Year: 2016

The Jardin Public has been dear to the hearts of the Bordelais since its creation in 1746. A veritable "green lung" in the city centre, the 11 hectares of grass, trees, flowers, and plants also include a children's playground and the famous Guignol Guérin puppet show.

Framed by lovely townhouses, and including a Natural History Museum, a small botanical garden, and a bar-restaurant (L’Orangerie), the Jardin Public has been classified a Jardin Remarquable de France.

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