A photograph becomes successful when the viewer feels something in an instant, without reading the concept and understanding its meaning only mentally. My aim is to create work that stands for itself, without the need for explanation. At the moment, the most important goal in my practice is to actively engage people and create projects that will not change something within myself only, but within every viewer and every participant.


I mainly work with photography and moving images. Until recently, my work has been only autobiographical. I have been interested in self-portraiture and how to use the camera as a therapeutic tool. I have explored myself as an individual using double-exposures and the light-painting technique. 


Nowadays, my practice becomes more performative and community-based. I am searching for new methods of using photography and video as a tool to create awareness, engage people and initiate collaborations.

I am concerned with sociocultural issues as I have been deliberately living in multiple places where my cultural background received several different inputs. I explore themes such as migration, cultural identity and the new roles of the artist in our modern society.


I can only acknowledge photography as a way of being and living. I do not see still and moving images as a sum of decisive moments, but more as a system of small bits of reality that, with the passing of time, will reveal new meanings.  I am not a nostalgic 35mm person. I am intrigued by how creativity can be combined with the new technologies used in manufacturing cameras.